Saturday, January 22, 2011


Here are some recent pictures that Ally sent home. The captions are from what she wrote on the back of her pictures.

The Merkley's at Christmas, invited us for cinnamon rolls - lovely family.

Visiting with Beth at a nursing home - Christmas Day.

Sister Pack (?) and Sister Robison, who I spent three days with while Sister Casperson had some different training.

One of our investigators, Christine.

This is Carol - we love her!

Stacy and Louise, both recent converts....and so sweet.

This is Victor, from El Salvador.

This is Marjorie (so funny) and Carol, at the singles dinner. 

Sister Casperson made me corn bread, and served it with every condiment possible.

This is in front of our car at Marj's apartment complex on a beautiful Saturday morning.

This is our district.

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