Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MTC Pictures

Here are Ally's pictures from the MTC.  The captions below are from what she wrote on the back.

Our first day at the MTC.  We love the Christmas lights!

Sister Arbogast, my basketball buddy!

My friend Kari, works at General Services.  It was fun to see her!

Our district - 7A - on our temple walk.

Sister Arbogast, Sister Johnson, Sister Thomas and I, at the famous MTC map.

My lovely district in our classroom :)

Sister Thomas and I on our way to gym.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Here are two pictures of Ally on her first day in California:

This is President and Sister Pike, and then Ally, of course....

December 27, 2010

Greetings from Glendora, California! Hope the holidays treated everyone very well, and Happy New Year. Can anyone believe it's practically 2011?

My new companion is Sister Casperson, from Twin Falls, Idaho. She took a break from studying communications at BYU-Idaho to come on this mission. She is bilingual (Spanish) which will hopefully increase my Spanish skills, but more importantly, it will help us be able to communicate with more people.
We live in an apartment, and have both bikes and a car. We mostly use the car so we can get more places, but it's nice to have both methods of transportation. Sunday was our first bike day, and I decided that riding a bike in a skirt should be an olympic sport!

Anyway, I've been here six days now. I left the Missionary Training Center at 5 AM Tuesday morning. It snowed all of Monday and through the night, and Tuesday was still snowing. It was absolutely beautiful when we left Provo, so I had a white Christmas, just a few days early. When I arrived in California, it rained hard for three straight days, and I was assured that this wasn't normal, and there would be sunshine soon. I enjoyed the rain, but have been glad for clear skies and the sun again the last few days.

Our mission President and his wife, the Pikes, were waiting for us at the California Ontario airport when we got off the plane last Tuesday. Right away, we all could tell we will be well taken care of on this mission. I traveled with our MTC district and a few other Elders. We made up most of the plane. I really miss the sisters from my district/my roommates; they were all assigned to different cities, so it will be fun to catch up with them at a later date.

Sister Pike drove Sister Thomas, Johnson, Arbogast, and myself, and on the way, told us a lot about the demographics of our mission. It was fun to hear that there are 170 full-time missionaries, 26 are sisters. There are full-time English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Armenian missionaries here, and there are also Tongan and Tagolog branches in some areas. There are 7 English speaking stakes, and 2 Spanish stakes.

California is beautiful. Even just stepping outside of our apartment, the view is green, grassy hills. There is one mountain with snow on it, and everywhere else is green.

The people of Glendora have been so kind to me. At church yesterday, I was introduced to the whole congregation, and asked to share my testimony with them. So many people came up afterward and introduced themselves. The ward members are very missionary minded, and I love it. (Glendora 2nd Ward).

Christmas day was wonderful. Of course, the highlight was being able to talk to my family on the phone for about 45 minutes. Christmas morning, we went to the Merkley's home (our ward mission leaders house) for cinnamon rolls, and Christmas night, we had a lovely dinner and visit with the Mackay family. They fed us a great dinner, and even had presents for us afterward. We were very surprised and grateful for their generosity.

My favorite part of serving as a missionary is the chance to meet people and share the Gospel with them in their homes or at the church building or out on the street. Each week, we are also allotted 4 hours of planned service, and we have enjoyed filling that time as well.

Thanks to everyone for your support, love, and prayers.


Sister Snow

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 15, 2010

Hi Everyone! Happy December 15th: ten more days until Christmas!
Life at the Missionary Training Center is going very well. It is snowing this morning! The first snow fall since I have been here the last two weeks.
The Spirit of Christmas at the MTC is amazing; I love being able to learn more about Jesus Christ every day, the real reason for Christmas.
We have been uplifted and edified daily with wonderful speakers and beautiful music.
I'm leaving for California on Tuesday, December 21st, and am really looking forward to getting there in time for Christmas. I will miss my companion, roommates, and my district,but most of us will be going to Arcadia, so I'll look forward to seeing them in California from time to time.
Thank you to everyone for your wonderful support, prayers, and love.
Sister Allysha Snow

Saturday, December 11, 2010

December 8, 2010

December 8, 2010

Hi family!!
First, thank you SO much for my cinnamon rolls, and beef jerky, and the lovely notes with each of those. It was the perfect sweet and salty combination. Thank you!
I hardly know what to say: so much has happened in one short week, but the moral of the story is that I love the MTC!
My companion is Sister Jane Thomas, from Sugarhouse, Utah. She is an English Major at BYU right now; she has 1 more year left, and then plans on pursuing an MBA. Sister Thomas is my companion, and roommate, and we are both going to Arcadia, English speaking. There are two other sisters in our district, Sister Arbogast and Sister Johnson, also our roommates, and going to Arcadia, English speaking. Our district also has 8 elders; 4 of them will go to Arcadia English with us, and the other 4 will be going to Billings, Montana. Our departure date is December 21st for Arcadia, and we are all excited!
Our district has two amazing teachers, Brother Snyder and Brother Terry. They have both returned from serving missions in Florida sometime this last year.
We are in Branch 7; all the missionaries in our branch beside our district are going to the Philippines I believe. We have 2 other roommates (there are 6 of us in one room, crazy!), headed to the Philippines. One of them actually left last night, Sister Bruno, so there are five of us now; Sister Brand is here for 6 or so more weeks I think.
Our branch presidency is very sweet, along with their wives. We haven't had a lot of chance to meet them yet, but that will come.
There are 52 languages learned at the MTC, so everywhere you go, you hear them, and it's really fun. The other day, two sisters learning Russian bore their testimony to me in the dinner line, and though I didn't understand anything besides Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith in their testimony, the Spirit was very strong, because the Holy Ghost manifests truth, no matter what the language is. I love that aspect of the Gospel.
Every day we are enriched with firesides, devotionals, classes, workshops, and study time. The Spirit is so strong here, stronger than anyplace I have ever felt it except inside the Temple. I feel very much at peace, and know that this is exactly what Heavenly Father would have me be doing at this time.
Can I just say how much I love my district? We have all bonded quickly; singing with my district is my favorite thing. We are not the best vocalists by any means, but I have never sung with a more sincere group of people in my life, and we all love to take any opportunity to sing our heart out. It's fantastic. Our districts other favorite activity is gym time! So far, we have played volleyball and basketball, and it's been so fun! We have gym period 4 times a week, and it is much needed, and much appreciated.
I love this Gospel very much, and my desire to help others find happiness through Jesus Christ's Atonement has at least tripled this week.
Love to all,
Sister Allysha Snow

December 1, 2010

Here is Ally, about to fly to Salt Lake City, from the airport in Phoenix....

...and a few short hours later about to enter the MTC.