Thursday, January 27, 2011

January 24, 2011

Greetings from Glendora! 
Next email, I may or may not be in Glendora;  we will get transfer calls on Saturday night, letting Sister Casperson and I know who will stay and who will go, or there is always the possibility
that we will both be staying in Glendora. Sister Casperson says her intuition says we will both be staying here, so we'll see :)
So much happened this last week. Highlights include chasing a skunk on Tuesday, trying to take a picture of it, and getting chased back by that same skunk on Wednesday... scary!! Thank goodness on Wednesday night, one of our ward missionaries, Brother Buescher was with us, and he valiantly stood in front of us and his wife, willing to take the spray, which thank goodness, did not happen.
Other adventures, Thursday and Friday I went back to the Charter Oak area, and went on companion exchanges. I was with Sister Robison, and Sister Pack came here and was with Sister Casperson. In the Charter Oak area, I stopped by the Bogus' house.   Brother Bogus told me he saw Dad just this last week; hi Dad!
San Dimas is a city in the Charter Okay area, and it is absolutely beautiful. Friday morning, Sister Robison and I went for exercise at a park in San Dimas with Sister Eisley and her daughter, Rachel. Sister Eisely is the one that took us to Chinatown a few weeks ago; she is so nice, and her daughter, Rachel, got home about 2 weeks ago from her mission in Texas.
Other news, California sunsets are absolutely amazing. I always contested that Arizona has the best sunsets, but California may win. They are beautiful, and I love them.
On Friday, our mission president and his wife, President and Sister Pike, came out and did interviews with us. It was so nice to see them. I especially enjoyed my visit with Sister Pike while Sister Robison was doing her interview. They are both wonderful people.
Nothing brings me greater joy as a missionary than teaching and testifying of the Restoration of the Gospel on the earth. This last week, we were asked by a group of 3 high school seniors to do an interview for them for a class on the beliefs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They had a lot of great questions, and we really enjoyed talking with them about their beliefs as well. They attend a private Christian school up north a bit, I can't remember the name of the city.
I have probably mentioned the Lopez family before; they are really great. We started exercising with them 3 days a week last week in the morning, and it has been really fun. Brother Lopez is not a member of the Church, but has sat in on several lessons the last week or so, and Sister Lopez is really appreciative of the fact that he is willing to listen to the Gospel message.
Last night, Sister Casperson and I were over at the Concidine's home, a family in our ward. Sister Casperson will accompany them on Sunday at church, so they were practicing. Anyway, Brother Concidine is an artist, and right when we were getting ready to leave last night, he asked if we wanted caricatures (sp?) drawn, and we said, sure if it can be done quickly. Well, the pictures are amazing! He drew each in 3 minutes flat, and they really do look like us. Mine is me getting chased by dogs; it is pretty funny, although, thinking now, we should have made it a skunk :)
Alas, my time to write is up. Thanks to all for your letters, kind thoughts, and prayers.
Love to all!
Sister Snow

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