Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011

Greetings from Pasadena, California!
Today is the second most surreal day on my mission, next to transitioning from the MTC to California. Everything is great though. 
My new companion is Sister Pack; she is wonderful; I have known her my whole time in California because she was serving in the area next to Glendora, Charter Oak. Sister Pack is one of the sisters I went on exchanges with for a few days while Sister Casperson was in training in Arcadia, and she is really good friends with Sister Casperson, so we hung out with her and her companion, Sister Robison, on some P-days, including Chinatown. (She is the shorter one with glasses).
Anyway, Sister Pack is from Canada; she has been out on her mission about five months, and is a really great missionary. I am looking forward to serving with her!
Funny thing; Sister Pack and I are doing what is called "white-washing" or "pink washing" as some say-- meaning we are both brand new to this area, so it will be a fun adventure, learning our way around together and meeting our ward members/the investigators that the Elders who just left were teaching. We just got here and don't know a thing about the area yet, so we'll let you know next week about the wonderful people we meet and hopefully share the Gospel with :)
Right now, we are at Pasadena Public Library; it is a beautiful building, built in the 1920's. I will take a picture and send it sometime.
Leaving Glendora was a little hard, but I know it is the right thing. I have a good feeling about being in Pasadena; completely at peace, which is nice. I will miss the people Sister Casperson and I were teaching/serving, and our good ward members and area in general; missionaries are well-received in Glendora, and it was a really great start to serving this mission.
Anyway, mail is extra slow from the office to our area around transfer time, so if you write and don't hear from me for a while, that's the reason :)
Love to all;
Sister Ally Snow

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