Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 28, 2011

Hello from California! I hope everyone is having a fantastic last few days of March!

Things In Pasadena are good. We have managed to do quite a bit of missionary work,  through this last week. Not nearly what we would be doing, but we did still teach 14 lessons last week, 7 investigator lessons, and 7 less-active/recent convert lessons. We also have a new investigator, W, and he is fantastic. He lives at the same retirement home as Andrew and Sharon, and we are excited to be teaching him now, too.

Sister Pack sang in a quartet (sp?) yesterday; they sang, "Lead Kindly Light", and did a wonderful job. There is quite a lot of musical talent in our ward, and I'm excited for it to  be put to use at our Easter Fireside on April 10th, where we will celebrate the life of Christ through music and testimony.

Our investigator, Aaron, will be sharing his testimony on the Savior, and our investigator, Kaitlin, is singing: "I know that My Redeemer lives, with Sister Pack. It's awesome to involve them, and Andrew and Sharon agreed to attend the fireside. The purpose is for people to invite their friends so we can find more people to teach, but it's also to strengthen ward members in their missionary efforts and in their personal testimonies of Jesus Christ.

We met a man, P, that we will be giving a church tour this week. He looks like Gaston; it's pretty hilarious. Anyway, he is super nice, and we are excited to give him a tour. We are also giving a tour on Thursday to a guy named Geronimo that we met last week on the street; I'm really excited for that one. We are praying that they both show up for their scheduled tours, ready to learn more about the Gospel and how it can bless their lives.

One thing Sister Pack and I share a lot is something from Preach My Gospel; I don't have it memorized, but the gist of it is that everyone in life faces challenges, and though our problems vary in type and severity, the answer is the same; through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can be cleansed from our sins and strengthened in our temptation and healed from our pains.

Anyway, I hope everyone has the chance to watch General Conference this weekend. I am so excited to hear from the prophet, President Monson, and the Apostles and other inspired speakers. That's another thing we have been testifying about a lot lately; the opportunity to hear from the Prophet this weekend, and how adhering to his message can bless our spiritual and temporal lives.

We talked to as many people we could on Colorado Street (Downtown Pasadena, where there is a big mall and a lot of restaurants and shops, etc) yesterday afternoon about conference, and invited them to watch it; it was a good experience, testifying of the power and authority President Monson has as our Prophet, even if people weren't interested in the message.

Well, time is running out. Have a good week! :)

Sister Snow

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  1. Dear Snow Family,
    I am a member in the Pasadena Ward and had the wonderful opportunity to get to know Sister Snow. She has left the Pasadena Ward and is missed like crazy! She was able to attend a baptism last night for K. (which I'm sure she will tell you about) and I was able to get with her again. She gave me this blog address so I could follow along on her mission and we can hook up and hang out after! In the hopes that you (her family) will read this, I want you to know how amazing and special Sister Snow is. I absolutely adore her! Her beautiful spirit and killer personality make her a great missionary, but an even better person. Thank you for supporting her and allowing me the chance to get to know someone so wonderful.